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add hint about example vhost config to README

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......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Quick & Dirty Instructions:
- Make that vHost also respond on a wildcard subdomain (ServerAlias cdn*
- Configure Apache to use port 81
- Configure Varnish to use port 80
- Check the included vHost config ('examples/vhost.conf') if you plan on using HTTPS
- Use the included Varnish VCL ('examples/varnish.vcl') for caching all images for 1 week if the request was made to one of the CDN hosts
- Put all files into the DocumentRoot of the vHost you created
- Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled (a2enmod rewrite) and that you are allowed to use the .htaccess file in the DocumentRoot of the vHost (AllowOverride All)
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